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“As the current longest serving member of staff I have seen many changes over the years but one thing that hasn’t changed over this time is the way that Charterhouse has demonstrated that employees are just as important as clients. From benefit packages, social events and the usual day to day, all staff are highly regarded and I can say that I am proud to have been part of a dynamic, diverse and ever evolving firm for so long.”

Julie Terry – Company Secretarial Department
Company Secretarial Manager

At Charterhouse, we are always looking for outstanding candidates to join our versatile team.

Our values are:

Adaptable – to everyone’s needs
Dependable – giving everyone support when it is needed
Evolving – to ensure we can support you in your development
Diversity – in our staff, our clients and our work
Bold – taking the action needed to ensure you get the best results

Above all we are all about our clients.

We encourage anyone that share those values to apply for any available openings.

As a business we believe we:

  • Have a great working environment where staff from all over the world come together and work as a team. Diversity is important to Charterhouse and we believe it has a positive benefit to the team as well as the work we do for clients.
  • Invest in our team by appreciating that without a culture of support, teamwork and collaboration the organisation cannot reach a united vision. Whilst emphasising teamwork Charterhouse also respect the individual, the person they are and the way they work.
  • Provide a variety of great benefits, including a commitment to employees’ health, both physical and mental as well as offering benefits to promote work life balance and a platform for employees to be active and socialise outside the office.
  • Promote continuous development with internal and external training, including quarterly training updates for professional staff as well as offering study support for professional exams that benefit the employee and the business.

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Rut Stefansdottir

Rut Stefansdottir

HR Manager

020 8863 4566

Charterhouse is a great place to work at because the staff are not only respectful to one another but all staff and directors are encouraging, approachable and contribute to make this a wonderful atmosphere to work in. Rachel Baiden Admin department (Receptionist Administrator) I have had the pleasure of working at Charterhouse Accountants Ltd for five years. During this time, I have experienced working with diverse groups of people as either colleagues and or clients. The ‘In-house’ knowledge base is widespread, and not restricted. I applaud our ‘can-do and will-do’ attitude, to support Clients and or worthy community causes. The business attitude portrayed is exactly how I would expect a fair, conscientious and forward thinking business to be - That makes me very proud! To my mind, there is evidence on a daily basis to encourage and support staff to value with utmost respect not only themselves, but those whom they come in to contact with. Long may the adventure continue. Elaine Lynch Payroll department (Payroll Manager) It is a great company to work for, which values the employee whilst meeting client's expectations, which is rare. A very welcoming and friendly team making a very pleasant working enivronment. Nila Raichura Accounts Audit department (Accounts Senior) Charterhouse is a very welcoming and friendly working environment and a great place to learn. The work is varied and the management are all very supportive – you’re always made to feel like an important member of any team. Jack Hurren Tax department (Tax Semi Senior) I feel really great working at Charterhouse. The company is providing great benefits and good work life balance. There is very good balance between social activities and focus on work. Staff here are really supportive and nice. I really appreciate the employees’ appraisal system which has helped me understanding my strengths and development needs. I also appreciate the fact that my role here is more challenging than my previous jobs but at the same time is less stressful. Hamed Hafizuddin Accounts Audit department (Accounts Senior) What our staff say