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You may have reached a point on your business journey that you are looking to expand. As part of your expansion plans and overall business strategy, you may consider the time is right to make either strategic acquisitions or a merger with a strategic partner.

Whilst either of these will undoubtedly be integral to the commercial expansion strategy for your business, the process can be complex and time consuming, detracting your attention from the day to day running of the business causing disruption to your usual operations.

Charterhouse can guide you through this process, taking a number of aspects out of your hands so you can concentrate on running your business whilst still achieving your goal.

Charterhouse can assist in whatever aspects you require us to and can be involved at any stage (although we would recommend involving us as early as possible to maximise the opportunity).

Areas where we typically assist in merger and acquisition transactions are:

  • Identifying potential targets
  • Carrying out the due diligence on prospective targets
  • Preparing a negotiating strategy
  • Raising capital or finance to fund the transaction
  • Structuring the transaction so that it is tax efficient
  • Developing an integration plan
  • Optimising the tax and financial position of the combined enterprise

Charterhouse is committed to working with you on your business journey to help your business thrive.

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