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Choosing the right business structure through which to operate your business is vital for the success of your business and enabling you to unlock the potential to flourish and grow.

However, in the fast paced business environment, this decision will seldom be the end of the story. As you will know from experience, things change and in order to remain a successful business you will need to adapt accordingly. Adapting your business structure where and when appropriate should be a key element to your overall business strategy.

Given the significance of having the right structure, you would be well advised to keep it under review to consider whether what was appropriate when you started out in business is still appropriate to the current circumstances and needs of your business to realise your business objectives and ambitions.

This is why Charterhouse will work with you to continually discuss your business plans, ambitions and objectives with you. From these discussions, Charterhouse can monitor the structure through which you operate and advise whether it could be re-structured to operate more efficiently in a way which will facilitate the continued growth and success of your business.

A business restructure could be the best thing you ever did, completely changing the fortunes of your business, creating opportunity out of adversity.

Charterhouse is committed to working with you on your business journey to help your business thrive.

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business restructure

I would always recommend your company as I have found it to be very professional. Audrey McNair Global Head of Business Risk - Aberdeen Asset Management PLC My recommendation is when you have even just a glimmer of an idea related to finance, go to Charterhouse and talk it through with them before you go any further. Phil Prosser Entrepreneur When setting up my company and starting my own franchised business the advice and help I got from Charterhouse proved invaluable. As a team they are way ahead of the league in terms of expertise and efficiency. Nothing is too much trouble for them and each member of the team deals effectively with their part of the incredible maze of information and paperwork that has to be put in place for a start-up business. Their advice is second to none, and their patience with people like me, who need a helping hand every step of the way when it comes to tax affairs and vat registration, makes frustrating processes so much easier to contend with. Anne Maree Campbell Best of Beaconsfield What our clients say