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Charterhouse help Signpost support the young

As you may remember before Christmas last year, we had a team day in which we did the “Paperclip Challenge” to raise money for our chosen charity, Signpost. During the event, which involved our team being split into groups and trading up different objects to achieve the maximum value that could then be sold for cash which was donated to the charity.

For this event we chose to support Signpost a local charity who help empower young people to overcome challenges that they face. A key part of this is early intervention and the funds we raised will go to help those at high risk to prevent or avert a crisis from suicidal thoughts, attempts and self-harm.

Signpost currently help around 500 young people a year with an annual cost of £120k, but the value in benefits they deliver far surpasses that figure. If one young person is helped and this prevents them from attempting to harm themselves then it is priceless. As a small charity, every small amount of money raised is invaluable so our contribution will hopefully make a difference.

Whilst the Paperclip Challenge was a one off activity for us, it did begin a strategy of becoming more involved in the community and supporting those charities and groups that make a difference and will be continuing this throughout this year and moving forwards. We will be announcing more details soon, so keep watching this space for our latest news.

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