A gentle stroll along the wall, not what you think

When most of us think about going for a walk it normally means in the woods, down to the park or possibly along a beach, not for 84 miles, but that is what our Operations Director Claudia Ackenson decided to do.

As you can tell, this was no ordinary walk and had a purpose to it. Unlike most people, Claudia is always looking to give herself new challenges and, in this case, she wanted to find a challenge to help find a cure for Parkinson’s by raising funds for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust in honour of its founder good friend to close personal friends Tom Isaacs, who sadly lost his fight to the disease in 2017.Tom’s vision was to find a cure for this cruel disease. https://www.cureparkinsons.org.uk/

So Claudia with her old university friend Rick, found themselves looking for an activity that would not only challenge them but also raise money and Hadrian’s Wall won.

Claudia decided to walk the full length of the wall, 84 miles and do it in just six days. But it’s only a walk I hear you say, well tell that to Claudia’s feet. To walk ten miles over hilly terrain is hard. To do 84 miles over six days is exceptional, especially when the UK throw its normal mix of weather at you.

Having now finished the walk, Claudia is back in the office, possibly walking a bit slower than she was but having once again achieved her goal.

Whilst this was one person, it is a value we hold dear as a business, providing the environment and opportunities for our team to challenge themselves and achieve their goals and in doing so giving them the support to achieve.

To find out more about Charterhouse and how we support our team to achieve their goals get in touch or to find out more about the charity Claudia walked for click here. https://www.cureparkinsons.org.uk/

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