BSU Team evolving overseas

BSU Team evolving overseas.

In November last year, Business Support Unit Manager, Rob Ward, visited our partners in India to work with them to plan our continuous evolution, but the trip was so much more.

Rob drafted an article for the team to try and explain what the trip had delivered so here is an excerpt:

“Prior to the visit I can admit to some anxieties. Having not been out of the country in over 3 years, I was now having to look up airport and Covid protocols and get in the headspace for world travel and long-haul flights, before heading to the second most populated country on the planet, where temperatures would be above 30c, and where the local cuisine is on the spicy side of life…these facts are all completely at odds with my own personal preferences for comfort. But life is about adventure, right?!

Very quickly after arrival I came to the conclusion that only got stronger as days passed – India is incredible! There is so much going on at all times of the day and night that it’s hard to really comprehend until you’re there experiencing it. During the first day my eyes were out on storks taking in as much as possible and trying to get used to this completely new world I was in.

For anybody who is on the fence about visiting India, I wholeheartedly encourage you to take the chance if it arises. Visiting somewhere that is so vastly different to what I’m used to in my everyday life has been such an eye-opening experience that it can’t fail to have a positive impact broadening the mind and making one realise how much there is to explore beyond our regular surroundings…

In 2020 we started using our partner GI’s Dedicated Resource Model and recruited a new member for our team, Tushar. Tushar is supported internally by our partners GI, along with the support of Charterhouse so really gets the best of both worlds when it comes to guidance, and he has been an invaluable member of the Business Support Unit over the past couple of years. Like with any team member in Charterhouse, considering their development needs as an individual is high on the agenda for us and his hard work and progress has led to him being assigned a portfolio of clients to manage. This is a much deserved expansion to his duties, and one which I know he will excel at.

I was also able to meet some other GI team members who we have recently connected with for some work, and it was a pleasure to meet them and all their colleagues, enabling us to solidify connections that will stand us in good stead in the future…

In between the business and leisure activities was a trip to Sneha Sadan, a local orphanage which houses, educates, and supports local homeless children. It was a pleasure and a privilege to spend time meeting some of the kids there. Despite their circumstances they have such vibrant smiles and lively spirits, and the universal language of sport meant that the debate over who is best between Messi vs Ronaldo was able to be had! The trip came shortly after England men’s cricket team had triumphed in the T20 World Cup, having beaten India convincingly in the semi-final, so that was a good talking point as well (for me, at least!). “

The trip not only enabled Rob to discuss ways we can enhance the services we offer our clients but it also was very in keeping with our values to support local communities and charities, further strengthening the partnership.

To find out more about Rob’s trip, but more importantly how the partnership with GI can help your business please contact Rob.


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