Charterhouse adopt Hammock property finance platform for landlords

Over the past few years we have continued to evolve our digital expertise and knowledge, aiming to embrace the latest technology to help our clients. The latest platform we have adopted is Hammock.

Hammock is a property finance platform for landlords of all sizes from single properties upwards. We are adding Hammock to our suite of services to help landlords manage and monitor their property income and expenses.

As a landlord the benefits Hammock will provide are:

  • Real-time notifications for rental payments (including late rent reminders)
  • Reminders for expiring documents and deadlines
  • Up to date profit and loss statements

With Hammock your property finance records will be fully digital (this will be crucial to be ready for Making Tax Digital due to be introduced in April 2024). This will also enable your accountants to have easy access to your records for year end and governance requirements.

Find out more about Hammock here of if you would like to speak to the team to understand more about the benefits and how it can help you, whether you have one of ten properties please contact us.

020 8863 4566