Charterhouse adopt metabolic age initiatives to fit new normal

Metabolic Health with Super Wellness

In the latest of our series of articles around SuperWellness we wanted to share some of the details of how this programme has been adapted to fit the current ways of working, especially in the current crisis. One aspect we all agreed on was the need for a key measurement that we could all use to monitor how far we had progressed on the programme and it was agreed that we would use metabolic age. Metabolic age is described as how your basal metabolic rate (BMR), or how many calories your body burns at rest, compares to the average BMR for people of your chronological age in the general population. By using this metric, it gave us a measurement that is unique to everyone but can be monitored to see how every individual has progressed. It also gives each person a target that monitors their overall fitness and does not focus on specific goals such as losing weight or being able to run further. With the change in working practices at the moment it is so important that we all stay healthy, but this means different things to different people and using metabolic rate means we don’t have to set targets that will not work with some. You can find out more about this approach and an interview with Rut Stefansdottir, our HR Manager, in these two articles which were published on Employee Benefits’ website. To find out more about our SuperWellness programme and how we have adapted it to ensure our staff have the best support possible during this period of WFH contact us.

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