Charterhouse announce partnership with Airwallex

Charterhouse announce partnership with Airwallex

As a business, we are continuously looking at ways that we can add value to our clients, reduce the time required to manage their finances. We are also always looking at ways that client’s businesses can reduce their costs, so when we found Airwallex we realised there was an opportunity to help.

Airwallex is a multinational financial technology company offering financial services and software as a service. Founded in 2015 in Melbourne, Australia, the company is a financial services platform providing foreign exchange transactions to businesses through a proprietary banking network and its API. That is the technical definition, in practice, Airwallex provides you with an account that will allow you to get paid, make payments and manage funds without needless fees and all done from a simple App. Your Airwallex account will give you bank-beating FX rates and allow you to transfer money from a multi-currency wallet. In addition, you will also get business accounts, cards and the ability to manage expenses, everything you need to manage your business finances.

Whether you are making multi-currency purchases or your team travel abroad, an Airwallex account will help reduce your costs not to mention reduce the time it takes to manage your finances.

Charterhouse are always looking at new technology and partners who will help our clients and undertake the due diligence to ensure that any platform or partner we recommend is thoroughly vetted and checked to ensure that our clients have an extra sense of security when they adopt a new system or platform.

If you would like to discuss Airwallex or any of the platforms we recommend please contact us and speak to one of our client managers.

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