Charterhouse is leading the way in diverse business – update

It has now been a year since we conducted our first extensive Diversity Audit and we are pleased to share the steps we have taken since our last Audit was undertaken, in order to continue with our work towards increased diversity, as well as sharing the outcome of this year’s audit.

The results from the latest audit can be found on our website.

What resources have been put in place since last year;

  • Bank holidays can be requested to be taken with more flexibility
  • Enhanced maternity, paternity and adoption leave has been introduced
  • Enhanced Parental bereavement leave has been introduced
  • Hybrid working was rolled out 14 February 2022

When looking at gender and diversity data we have seen slight changes in all areas as you can see from the figures on the website. We will continue to work on building a more inclusive, diverse, equal opportunities workplace. By sharing our data  on our website we continue to work towards promoting transparency and raising awareness.

Pay Gaps

We have a transparent pay structure based on levels within the firm and these pay gaps are caused by ratio of employees within each level.

We have seen a shift in the ratio of female representation in senior roles in the firm, in the upper quartile going down from 45% to 30% while female representation has increased from 45% in the upper middle quartile in 2021 to 70% in 2022.

We have also seen a positive shift in the lower quartile where we have seen a decrease of 15% in female representation in this group since 2020. It is now at 70%.

We are always looking to achieve equal pay and are working to achieve this, which includes not deviating from policies and procedures we have set.

Our current pay gap figures are as follows, with comparison to London statistics:

Median Gender Pay Gap

Our median gender pay gap currently stands at 12%, compared to the average median gender pay gap in London of 26.3% (CIPHR based on data from the ONS, 2021).

Median Ethnicity Pay Gap

When looking at BAME data, our BAME median pay gap in 2022 is 5% less than employees of White ethnicity, in comparison to ONS statistics for London from 2019, where the London average was 23.8%.

As can be seen from the above statistics, we still have a way to go but due to initiatives introduced in 2021/2022 we are working towards increased diversity in the work place with a focus on family friendly policies and flexible working.

To find out about our diversity work or if you are interested in working for Charterhouse please contact the HR department.

020 8863 4566