Charterhouse join the virtual quiz revolution

Virtual Quiz revolution

It is not just our working lives that are changing, but our social ones as well and for many people the two cross-over. At Charterhouse, we have always been a very social team with regular organised events throughout the year, let alone the informal socialising that goes on all the time. So, when the lockdown began, our team, led my Rut and Krisztina went to work to find ways that we could all still stay in touch and have a laugh at the same time. Fortunately they knew that in our midst we had a leading quiz master, so it was clear what needed to be done. Krisztina worked with Sandra Hughes and  our IT team to get Zoom set up so we could have chat rooms for teams to discuss answers as well as the open forum, whilst Chris James, our resident Quiz Master set about putting the questions together. Such was the scale of the quiz it was set up to run over two separate Fridays with the first part taking place last Friday. The response from the team was incredible with over 60% of the company joining in, many with the families as well. In true form, we didn’t just turn up for a quiz, but many dressed up notably Nirav with wig and moustache resembling the guy from the 118 ads, with a close second from a not ‘too shy’, Paul, also with a wig resembling Limahl from Kajagoogoo. Many were accompanied by a glass or two of wine and the relaxed atmosphere was fantastic to see. Whilst many were joined by their families, it also gave those who are having to live on their own at the moment the chance to see their friends and colleagues and enjoy some much needed light entertainment. At the half way point of the quiz, Team 4, Terry, Nirav, Baison, Shayan and Usman are in the lead with a perfect score of 66 points so the rest of the teams are now swotting up in preparation for the second half on 1st May. Watch this space for the results of the “Great Charterhouse Quiz” or contact us to find out more.

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