Charterhouse Quiz helps “Kids can Achieve”

Following our recent blog about the Charterhouse Quiz Night, we can now update you on the second round of the quiz. After the first round we found that almost everyone had taken part with some involving their families and the result was a fab evening.

Last Friday round two took place and it all got a bit more serious as the different teams vied to win.

As we are celebrating our 50th anniversary this year, we also chose a 70’s theme for the night and of course that came with fancy dress!! The main question after the quiz was were some of the outfits fancy dress or just what people wear normally? You know who you are?

The evening was about giving our team the chance to socialise and relax with their friends, families and colleagues. The best result was the response from the winning and runner up teams who decided to donate their £200 prize fund to our Charity of the Year, Kids can Achieve (KCA).

We have also just finished a baby photo guessing competition that went on a daily basis for a month. Again the winner has kindly donated their £25 prize to KCA. Every little helps….

In addition, earlier in the year we had a team outing to Ascot races where we raised a further £200 through a raffle and we agreed that this would also be donated to KCA.

During the current crisis KCA, like many charities, are struggling to raise the funding they need to keep operating. The KCA family support team has been extremely busy supporting families through this tough time and providing emergency childcare for a few children each day where the schools can’t accommodate them. In addition, the KCA team have been doing a lot of preparation and painting ready for when they are able to re-open properly, ensuring they will be able to continue to help those children who need it the most. But this all needs paying for so our small donation will help.

The £425 donation has been ear marked to help KCA revamp their playroom, including putting in new home corner with kitchen, role play and dressing up rail.

It goes to show that whilst we are all in this period of lockdown, there are still ways we can help those organisations that need it the most.

To find out more about KCA click here.

020 8863 4566