Charterhouse Team wrap up the year with a look at our nutrition habits with SuperWellness

Metabolic Health with Super Wellness

As we are all heading towards the festive season, one topic we all consider is the amount we eat and let’s face it, we probably all over indulge a little. So, it was very timely that we recently had the last SuperWellness webinar of the year which focused on the nutrition habits of effective people, the aim being to help our team understand what their nutrition habits should include to help them perform at a continuously high level.

This was then followed by “Full Body Compositions reports” and a final session on practical nutrition and lifestyle tips.

The workshop was fantastic and covered topics that we all have to deal with but didn’t understand how they impacted our daily life. This included how we struggle with cravings, the more bad food we eat, the more we crave it. So, when we eat crips, cakes, biscuits or things like white bread what we end up doing is getting our bodies to crave more of this type of food. This in turn can make it harder to keep our weight under control. We might want to get healthy, but many people have a perception that eating healthily and getting healthy takes time, time which we don’t have.

The webinar discussed all of these issues but then, importantly, gave suggestions as to how to overcome these challenges, including;

  • key habits to adopt which lead to increased energy, clarity and drive,
  • the best breakfast options to have to kick start your body
  • exercise tips to build into your day
  • how to eliminate them
  • the foods which cause low energy and mental fatigue and how to avoid them
  • how to turn OFF the ‘fat storing switch’ and prime the metabolism for fat burning instead

The webinar gave us a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying our metabolism, the role of different macronutrients (protein, fats, carbohydrates) in health and energy and how to set some personal goals to start feeling more energised and focused within days.

This will not only help us be more productive with our time but will also help us feel better both physically and mentally. And in the build up to Christmas this will help ensure all our team get the most out of the festive period.

To find out more about how we have used SuperWellness to support our team over the past three years please contact us.


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