Christmas help comes to those who need it.

WHC Christmas

With a tough few weeks ahead for all or us, there are those in our communities who need more help then most, but as is always the case, there are also those who go above and beyond to help and the team at Wycombe Homeless Connection (WHC) are one of those groups. It has been an odd and hectic few days, but throughout the last year and going forward during the festive season all their services are still running despite the move to tier 4. WHC has arranged an out of hours service for the Christmas break so people will still be able to get help if they are made homeless or are at imminent risk of homelessness. A great illustration of the work that is going on was shown this morning when a team of volunteers and staff on Monday morning, delivered over 40 double sized food parcels and Christmas gifts to their guests in emergency and temporary accommodation. WHC did this in partnership with One Can Trust foodbank who added lots of lovely fresh fruit and veg to the parcels and Love In A Bag from Thame who put together backpacks full of toiletries. On Christmas Day the WHC guests who have asked for one will get also get a hot Christmas lunch from St Andrew’s Church, High Wycombe. This is just one of the services WHC delivers to the homeless and those at threat of being made homeless in the High Wycombe Area. WHC do an amazing job and they are not alone. Along with the NHS, there are thousands of volunteers and charity staff throughout the country who are looking after those who need it the most during the festive season and especially this year. Whilst we are all coming to terms with the latest restrictions and challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, there are always stories that will bring a smile and show that if we work together, we can get through this and can look forward to happier times in 2021. For this and all our work with local charities contact us. Merry Christmas to you all.

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