Covid-19 Helpline update

Since we launched our helpline to offer advice  to those impacted by Covid-19, we have had numerous enquiries covering a multitude of issues and we wanted to share some of these to help those who might be facing similar challenges and to understand the areas we can help with:

  1. VAT payment queries – how can Charterhouse assist with informing HMRC of deferring payment
  2. Self-employed individuals – what help t you can get,how to apply and what information/ proof needs to be provided to receive help
  3. Job retention scheme – Who  would qualify for the government grant to cover 80% of the average monthly salary.
  4. Company Directors – can they be furloughed, how can they apply and when will the government start making payments
  5. Universal credits – how to apply
  6. Business Interruption Loan – how to apply, what the repayment period is and how Charterhouse can assist with the application?
  7. Business rates – What relief if any, can businesses get from paying business rates?
  8. Landlords – what support can they get if their tenants are unable to pay the rents and what help do tenants get if they are unable to pay their rents.

As you would expect, there have been numerous enquiries relating to employment:

  1. Can we provide a Gross to net pay report (Inclusive Employer costs) to cover the payroll processing period 1 Jan to 29 Feb.
  2. Can staff members who were deemed leavers at end of the February 2020 payroll runs subsequently be re-employed and treated as non-leavers and put on the Job Retention Scheme (Furlough Leave)
  3. Once the HMRC portal details are fully known can Charterhouse assist with completing applications wholly on behalf of the client

These are just some of the key areas we have been helping with, there are many more.

If you or your business has been affected by Covid-19 and you are not sure about what support is available and the best way confirm these get in touch with our helpine.

020 8863 4566