CSR is not just about giving to charity.

Increasingly businesses are expected to include social responsibility as part of their approach and way of working, to many this involves donating and supporting charities, often that are close to someone’s heart. Whilst this type of social support should always be encouraged, true social responsibility goes much further and encompasses people at all levels, from the staff and their working environment, supporting charities and the community and working to protect the environment to support the wider population. At Charterhouse we have looked at what this means for us and how we can increase our commitment to the community and have come up with a new strategic approach to CSR. At the heart of this strategy is the belief that it is people that count and if we give back to the community and support our people, our clients will receive a better service from a team that are more productive and more engaged. Not only that, the sense of achievement in seeing others benefit from our skills is incredible, especially when those people would not ordinarily have access to our services. This has prompted us to launch the Charterhouse Foundation working with local charities to help those people who they support. Watch this space as more news on the Foundation will follow but in the meantime click here to find out more. As well as all the support we are implementing for our staff and community we are always looking at ways we can make ourselves more environmentally friendly, working towards becoming a zero-carbon business. As part of this process we looked at what we use in the office including our drinks and have taken the decision to phase out any plastic water bottles and will replace these with reusable ones, that all staff have been supplied and will be used in meetings. Whilst this decision on its own is a small one, combine it with other initiatives like re-cycling, car share, providing shower facilities so staff can cycle to work, it all adds up. We firmly believe that it is every businesses responsibility to be socially aware and by doing it we can take care of our staff, our clients and the community. If you want to find out more about our CSR work contact Rut.

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