David White’s hits 40 years with Charterhouse.

David White

In the last 40 years a lot has happened, here are some of the highlights;

  • 2008 was the last time Spurs won a cup.
  • In 2007 the first iPhone was released
  • In 2004 Facebook was founded
  • In 2002 I am a Celebrity get me out of here started.
  • In 2000 we had the world’s biggest non-event – the Y2K computer bug. What a load of hype!!
  • In 1997 Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris
  • In 1990
    • Bart Simpson first hit our screens
    • The cost of a litre of unleaded fuel was 40p now it’s just short of £2.
    • Nelson Mandela was released from jail, marking the end of Apartheid
  • In 1989 the Berlin Wall came down.
  • In 1988 we had the Lockerbie disaster
  • In 1986 we had Chernobyl and the space shuttle Challenger exploding shortly after take-off
  • In 1985 we had Queen and others performing at Live Aid and EastEnders was on TV for the first time
  • In 1983 The Internet was born and Lotus 123 was released
  • In 1982 we had several things
    • The Falklands War began and ended and
    • Michael Jackson released Thriller

Many of you might not remember some of these but the constant factor through all of these changes for us at Charterhouse has been the presence of David White, our joint Managing Director who joined the firm on November 15th 1982.

Much has changed in the world as well as in the world of Charterhouse, with the journey leading us to its current place in Harrow with David and his partner Raj leading the firm.  We have all had to adapt during this time and significantly David is finally embracing technology and has cleared his office of paper to move into the digital world!

With David and Raj leading the team, Charterhouse are also evolving, something we are extremely proud off, embracing new technology to help add value to our clients, reduce the burden on them both in terms of cost and time needed. But technology only goes so far and over the past few years our team has evolved and is stronger than ever.

Whilst this is a great opportunity to celebrate David’s time with the business it is also a chance to thank everyone involved in the business, our team, our partners and most importantly our clients.

Whilst we celebrate David’s 40 year milestone we can also look forward to another 40 years of supporting our clients.

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