Do you think you are paying too much tax on your rental properties?

Do you think you are paying too much tax on your rental properties?

If so, you’ve likely been impacted by the raft of legislative changes affecting landlords over recent years and are increasingly feeling the financial squeeze as a result.

Government legislation has increased ‘red tape’ and workload for landlords, with large fines introduced for those failing to abide by regulations. To add further pressure, the removal of reliefs such as ‘wear and tear’ and ‘section 24 – mortgage interest relief’ now fully in place, so post tax rental profits have been significantly reduced as a result of effectively being taxed on notional profits. As a result, it is getting harder to obtain buy to let mortgages where the interest, fees and loan to value ratio are needing to be more commercially viable. All this at a time when the equity being required from the borrowers is at an all-time high.

Additionally, it is not just UK resident landlords that need assistance because overseas landlords are also now impacted by the capital gains tax changes.

If any of the following apply to you, then join the webinar to find out what are your best solutions:

  • Have three or more rental properties;
  • Want to simplify the operation and administration of your business
  • Want the peace of mind afforded by limited liability
  • Want to consider introducing future generations to the business
  • Want to open up your options regarding financing your portfolio
  • Want to effectively accelerate the growth and expansion of your portfolio
  • Want to understand all of your options to make an informed choice

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