Family strength out of adversity


Over the past few months we have all started to appreciate those people who have gone the extra mile to do something special and overcome adversity. These stories don’t just show how amazing some people are, they give us inspiration at a time when a lot of us need some. As an organisation we support a number of charities, one of these being brainstrust.   brainstrust  support those people who are diagnosed with brain tumours, live life with the tumour. They provide support from people who not only understand the fear, confusion and isolation, but who can empower and provide the resource to overcome it. We wanted to share one particular story with you that we think will make you look at life a little differently. #BeMoreDickenson In December 2017 Seth, then aged four was diagnosed with a medullablastoma brain tumour, the youngest of four boys, the blow to the whole family was huge. However, thanks to the amazing neuro team at King’s College Hospital, the tumour was completely removed. After the initial surgery further scans showed early signs of metastasis to his spine. This is where the cancer has spread in the body and Seth’s treatment was transferred to the Royal Marsden Hospital where he underwent aggressive radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Happily, he was declared disease free in October 2018 and rang the end of treatment bell. Once Seth and the family had found out about the tumour and had begun his treatment they decided they wanted to give something back to those people who had supported them and brainstrust had played a big part in this support so they decided to take part in  Follow the Seagulls, Wear Grey and TEAFEST to support them and they have continued to do so in the years since Seth’s diagnosis. Sam and James, Seth’s parents said “Throughout our journey, we have had the overwhelming support of family and friends, without whom we’d have been completely lost. We’ve also been supported by the wonderful folk at brainstrust, a small charity providing support and advice for families affected by brain tumours. Brain tumours, like all cancers, are frightening and can be very isolating. brainstrust work to ensure no-one feels alone.” Having been all set to once again take part in this year’s Follow the Seagulls event, the family received some devastating news. Seth’s latest scan showed that he had relapsed. Since then, the brave little boy has undergone more surgery for another tumour removal and has now begun a course of chemotherapy. Solidarity with the little superstar Once Seth begun his treatment, as is often the case he lost his hair so the family have all decided to shave their hair in solidarity with him.     Unfortunately, Seth’s condition is not curable, so all his treatment is palliative. It would be totally understandable for the family to close ranks and do everything they need to make the most of the time they have. But not the Dickenson family, they are still fundraising and are as determined now as ever to help those who have helped them. It is people like the Dickenson’s who show us all what spirit and determination is really about and we wanted to share their story with you so that hopefully it can help others overcome their challenges, especially in these uncertain time. To help Sam, James and the boys help other in a similar situation to them You can donate to their fundraising page here.

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