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Landlord Tax

On Wednesday 23rd Feb we held the latest in our series of webinars aimed at providing more information to you to help you maximise the return on your investments. This session was focused on Hammock Property Management.

We have recently entered into a partnership with Hammock so that our clients with properties they rent out can easily manage the financial aspects of owning these properties and in doing so also meet the government making tax digital requirements.

During the event a number of key issues were raised including:

  • Document management, the document storage side saving all the relevant documents per property or portfolio
  • Notifications of expiring documents
  • The automatic notifications of payments
  • How the Interactive Dashboard helps you view all your properties easily
  • Hammock ensures you will be MTD compliant
  • Accessible information for any re-mortgages i.e ROI, Yield etc

In addition to these points we were able to discuss how using the system will help your accountant when it comes to doing your quarterly returns.

For all Charterhouse clients the Hammock 4system is free including the training on using the system.

We will be publishing a series of video soundbites over the coming weeks to allow you to listen to the key questions and answers to help you understand how Hammock can help you.

If you are interested in finding out how Hammock can help save you time and money get in touch with us.


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