Health and Wellbeing in isolation

With most of us working from home at the moment, there are new challenges facing us all, not just how we continue working, but also how we can stay fit and health during the period of social distancing.

Before Covid-19 hit us, we had already implemented a programme in Charterhouse to promote the health and wellbeing of our team. When we knew we were going to have to work remotely we realised it was going to be even more important to support the team in getting fit and healthy and staying that way so we worked with SuperWellness to adapt our programme so it could be delivered online.

The programme was then set up to have a block of 3 different sessions. We decided to move the challenge online, we are the first company to do this with SuperWellness. Recognising that Employee Wellbeing is even more important in the current climate we wanted to continue with the challenge online. It not only benefits employees’ physical wellbeing through improved nutrition intake and exercise, but also mentally as the challenge does cover mental wellbeing, keeping employees connected which is crucial when we are all working from home.

The focus of these first sessions was 7 habits, which covered nutrition, meal planning, exercise and goal setting. We talked about these habits and how we could change ours to help us reach our targets in light of our new situation of working from home

The sessions had a great uptake from our team with more than 50%, partly as it meant that they had the chance to talk to colleagues but it also gave everyone the chance to do something that was positive in a world where it is too easy to be negative.

We will be running the challenge for 4 months and we will be catching up every 2 weeks in our teams to make sure they are all staying healthy and well. It is these types of programmes that could be easily dropped when working from home, but the benefits to employees are crucial in the current circumstances, so for us it is an essential part of caring for our staff.

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