Health and Wellbeing Panel – the benefits for staff and business

Super Wellness

Over the past year we have been working with SuperWellness to implement a programme for all our staff on how to improve their health and wellbeing by making changes to diet and exercise. The results for us as a team have been fantastic and the results for us as a business have been just as positive and at a time when it has been even more important to support our team. So, when Angela Steel from SuperWellness approached Rut Stefansdottir, our Head of HR and asked her to be part of a panel for an event to promote how Wellbeing can impact productivity, Rut was keen to share Charterhouse’s experience and what we have achieved. The event was a great success with a good level of engagement from the attendees and numerous questions at the end of the discussion. Rut commented “What I found most interesting was to hear the other speakers sharing their experience on different aspects of Wellbeing and productivity in the changing business landscape. All panellists had great insights to share with us and there were some great points raised which are good reminders for us going into this new lockdown”, a sentiment reflected by many of the attendees. Having presented a case study on the impact of rolling out a Health and wellbeing strategy, the key take away points that came out were:

  • Gathering quantitate and qualitative data and analysing it is fundamental to the success of the programme
  • Regular informal conversations between managers and employees and HR and managers are essential
  • Take action based on data trends, if the information is telling you to make changes, put together a plan, set a clear purpose and then take action.

If you want to find out more information on how Charterhouse have used a Health and Wellbeing strategy contact Rut.

020 8863 4566