Health and Wellbeing with SuperWellness, the latest from Charterhouse

As you know, Charterhouse is working together with SuperWellnes in educating and supporting our team to improve their health and wellbeing.

Our first discovery session in March included a presentation on diet, brain body chemistry, stress and energy followed by a body composition assessment for all employees.

For most of us it was an eye-opening experience to get to know our body fat percentage, muscle mass, visceral fat and metabolic age. Some people were pleased with the results, but most of us realised that the chocolate biscuits, crisps and sweet snacks had to go.

On day one we were challenged to cut processed sugar out of our diet completely and to reduce the consumption of sugary fruits for 10 days. Why 10 days? Apparently, our taste buds regenerate in approximately 1-2 weeks, so if we survive the 10 days without chocolate, we will have new taste buds that won’t remember how delicious chocolate is!!

Following the lockdown, SuperWellness put together a plan to continue their work with us on Zoom and we have already had 2 further interactive workshops with follow up sessions.

Magdalena and Natasha have created a closed Facebook group where we can share our experiences, upload meal, snacks and exercise ideas, which also turned out to be a great way to motivate each other especially during remote working.

There are monthly challenges and goals that we have to achieve and as part of the nutrition challenge we are rewarded with prizes every month. The first month was all about showing off our best breakfast, snack recipes, exercise pics or video on our closed Facebook group. So many amazing recipes were exchanged by employees and some went the extra mile and created proper full body workout videos! What a commitment!

The winners of the monthly challenge were rewarded with a Magnesium Sleep body lotion and Mineral Magnesium Bath Flakes. Thank you SuperWellness!

Out next workshop focused on Stress and how it affects our physiology, body systems and mood. This was a fascinating session. Stress becomes negative when it builds up over time and that can eventually lead to physical symptoms such as headaches, heart disease, diabetes, weaken our immune system, sleep, digestion, fertility, bones, muscles and breathing. We were openly sharing what causes stress in our life and discussing what we can do to avoid it. We learnt about the food groups and vitamins that can positively affect our “gut-brain” communication and how important it is to avoid high fat diets that affect our stress response. Taking regular breaks can prevent stress build up and exercise boosts endorphin and takes away from stressful thoughts.

Our most recent workshop session looked at Sleep and the role it plays in terms of our overall wellbeing. We learnt what happens while we are sleeping and when we are tossing and turning and stressing about not being able to sleep. Magdalena talked about how good nutrients, diet and lifestyle habits can support a good night’s sleep.

We have had amazing feedback from employees, how much they enjoy the sessions and how they are actually making changes in their diets, exercise routines and lifestyle. It is well worth noting that this year our absence rate has decreased by 2.8% compared to the same time last year and we believe that the company’s focus on health and wellbeing highly contributes to the results!

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