Is it worth outsourcing your payroll function? Find out and get a free consultation with our payroll team.

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Outsourcing is often seen as a double edge sword, it may save me time but what is the real cost?

To be able to truly understand the benefits of outsourcing your payroll function, it is essential you speak to an expert to ensure your business will maximise the benefits of adopting a ‘best practice’ approach to remain compliant.

That is why Charterhouse are offering a free consultation with a payroll expert, to allow you to understand how the process could work and bring benefit and value to your business.

As a business, there is often pressure on the time of all members of your team, so trying to find ways to minimise time spent on daily administrative tasks to allow the team to focus on managing their business tasks is essential.

Often, running payroll for the business, be it weekly, monthly or chosen pay production frequency can be time consuming for various valid reasons.

As a business we strive to help our clients improve the efficiency of their business and one way we do this is to manage the payroll duties for them. This has now been made more efficient having adopted Paycircle as our payroll platform.

In selecting a payroll service the guide for employers is to ensure a payroll software is compliant and adheres to legislation. We have already done this for you to ensure the accuracy of processing your payroll and provide the expertise needed to ensure issues are minimal, thus saving you time and money.

Outsourcing your payroll duties to Charterhouse means:

  • All your payroll and or pension production will be handled
  • We will produce and issue standard or bespoke reports for your accounting and HR purposes
  • Online/portal payslips/P60s
  • Produce BACS files

Read more about Paycircle and the benefits if can deliver your business here.

To speak to our team to discuss outsourcing your payroll please contact us.

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