Kinja getting creative to continue training during lockdown


During the lockdown, we have all been affected, be in businesses having to furlough its staff and losing customers, families having to isolate or small community groups have to temporarily close, it is a challenge for us all.

One of the groups we support, Kinja FC, a local football club, like many, have had all their games suspended as well as all training, the challenge now being how they can keep the players fit and active while we wait.

Having worked with Kinja over this season, such that it has been, it has been clear that the values we both have for our respective teams are very similar and putting the players and staff at the heart of everything we do is a fundamental part of our approach. So, it was no surprise that the coaches and managers came up with many different ways to keep the players engaged and fit.

Here is just one of the training sessions they have created. With players using the lounge carpet instead of astro-turf and coffee tables instead of flag posts to dribble the ball around, the creativity was fantastic. Whilst it was not a full training session on the pitch, it did help keep the players skills up to date and also meant they had a reason to speak to each other. Have a look at some of the sessions here.

Whilst the physical aspect of the sessions has been fantastic it is also important for the mental wellbeing of everyone that they are still interacting with their team mates and realising that everyone is in the same situation.

It is a very tough time for us all but with a good team around you, it can be easier to cope with than having to do it alone.

To find out more about Kinja and their work, specifically with women’s football look at their website. To find out what we are doing to support them and other community projects read more here.

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