Online accounting systems, listen to Cem and find out how they will make your business more efficient and save you money.

Cem Soydaner, one of our Associates recently ran a webinar to explore how online accounting systems can benefit a business and at the same time ensure you are fully complaint with HMRC regulations.

The webinar, held in early January, gave business owners a chance to question Cem and find out what the best next steps either set up online accounting or switch from another system.

Running a business, especially smaller ones is often like being a circus clown, you are constantly having to juggle many balls.

At Charterhouse we are partners for all the major platforms and are platinum partners for Xero which is our preferred solution. And with this wealth of knowledge, we wanted to share this information with, not just our clients, but anyone who felt they had questions around this process.

We recorded the webinar and would like to share this with anyone who would like to view it in their own time and hopefully it will help you understand what these platforms can do to help your business, save you money as well as ensuring you are compliant with MTD.

The webinar covered;

  • What are the benefits to my business
  • Are they expensive
  • Are they easy to set up and use
  • Can my accountant still do the work

Whilst the webinar did give a lot of information to help you and your business we are also offering anyone a free consultation as well to ensure you have the best financial set-up for your business.

To view the webinar click here or for more information on Charterhouse and how we can help you please contact us.

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