Paycircle, why we at Charterhouse think it is the way forward for payroll

Paycircle, why we at Charterhouse think it is the way forward for payroll.

As a firm, our aim is to make the lives of our clients easier whilst at the same time maximising the value of their business or personal assets. To do this more and more we now look at technology to assist us and enhance the service we provide.

A perfect example of this approach is with our Payroll services which manages the payroll of our business clients. The team, led by Elaine Lynch provide the service that includes;

  • Process data instructions (Employment and Statutory compliant)
  • Produce reports to assist with management accounting or analysis of staff costs
  • Administration of Pension Schemes
  • Manage bespoke service requests
  • Submission of Realtime information (RTI) to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
  • Annual (PAYE) Returns

This is only part of the service offering and now that service will be further enhanced as the team will now be working with Paycircle.

Paycircle is a payroll system that puts user experience at the heart of everything they do. From ensuring that people get paid correctly and on time, every time to pulling out all the stops to ensure that everyone who interacts with Paycircle has the best experience.

Having spent many hours looking at different systems before choosing to go with Paycircle, Elaine highlights the following benefits as the most significant:

  1. Real time transparency of data
  2. Option to activate automation of the payroll following acceptance of processes
  3. Dynamic reporting features
  4. Compliance with the latest HMRC regulations

The concept of Paycircle doesn’t just meet with Charterhouse’s high standards, it also meets with the high demands of the ever changing world of payroll production, enabling us to manage larger and complex payroll set ups. It has the ability to articulate the ever-increasing urgency of data demands which impact PAYE Tax, National Insurance, Pension and other third-party organisations.

As is now becoming essential with the next generation of software tools, Paycircle is a eco-system cloud-based collaborative payroll platform for modern payroll bureaus.

To summarise, Paycircle is fully automated, with manual intervention if needed, and does all the heavy lifting – enabling us to spend more time delivering the best service to our clients.

To find out more about our Payroll services and how we can help your business please contact us.


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