Putting the Health and Wellbeing of our team first.

Charterhouse Tax Hub

Our staff are our most important asset, without them we cannot continue to deliver the high levels of service on an ongoing basis for our clients. But there are many elements that contribute to ensuring the team can continue to do their job and, importantly, enjoying themselves at the same time. The elements that contribute to someone’s ability to do their job include:

  • Training
  • Supervision and direction from management team
  • Tools to do the job such as computers, desks
  • Working environment
  • Health and wellbeing

The last item, health and wellbeing, in many traditional companies can be left to the employee, but this can be key to not only ensuring the person can do their job, but also helping them to increase their productivity. Not to mention that by supporting them in staying fit and healthy the business will be helping them get more from their daily lives and in so doing increase the loyalty to the firm. With this in mind, we are embarking on a new Health and Wellbeing programme for all our staff. The first step is to raise awareness to the impact Nutrition/Diet has on us Mentally and Physically. To do this, we will be working with an external provider called Super Wellness over an extended period of time. Initially we will hold an introductory session and then follow this up with monthly workshops related to different topics, group coaching sessions and individual testing all focused on achieving a team challenge. Nutrition is at the heart of physical and mental wellbeing as is exercise and we will be sharing the outcomes of this programme over the year so watch this space. If you want to find out more contact us.

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