St Lukes Hospice Harrow Winter Appeal

St Luke's Hospice

As you know, Charterhouse support St Lukes Hospice Harrow as its Charity of the Year. This support covers many different aspects from volunteering to fundraising and helping them to promote their key messages.

This year, one of the major projects for them is their Winter Appeal.

Their Winter Appeal is to raise funds to provide specialist riser and reclining chairs.

Their patients need specialist riser recliner chairs to give the best comfort as they cope with end of life. However, only 4 out of 12 of their Inpatient Unit rooms have a specialist riser recliner chair. This is a challenge because people’s bodies are not designed to lay flat for too long. It is always advisable, particularly for their vulnerable patients, to sit upright in a chair for a while and elevate their legs to give good blood flow to the heart. This elevation also plays a crucial role in reducing any swelling in the body which has been caused by an illness.

Many of their end of life patients have significantly lower body tissue and fat cells. This means sitting on a regular chair can exert a lot of pressure on their bones which can cause painful skin damage. A specialist chair can alleviate this discomfort.

When people are bedridden and use incontinence aids, it is always good to help them sit upright for a few hours a day to enable their bladder to function normally. This can be difficult if a specialist chair is not available.

A new riser recliner chair for their Inpatient Unit costs £2,700 each. St Lukes are looking for supporters to donate £1,000, or however much they can, towards this appeal?

This appeal goes beyond funding just medical equipment and aims to help St Luke’s provide vital end of life care and aid that gives the ultimate comfort to hundreds of people who need this the most at the Hospice each year.

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