Super Wellness – the benefits to the team

Super Wellbeing

As a business we are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of a team who are fit and healthy and a realisation that we need to do more to help and encourage the team to stay healthy. As a result of this, at the beginning of the year we embarked on a “Super Wellness” programme for all our team. The programme is a combination of advice and support aimed at getting everyone to eat more healthily and do more exercise. The first part of the programme took place a few weeks ago when all the team attended a 45 min introductory talk on the relationship between food choices and health risk factors. The session focused on the fundamentals of a good diet and practical steps to start implementing some changes straight away and included;

  • Participants receiving individual tests & printed reports from a qualified nutritionist who explained how to interpret the numbers, joining the dots with health risk factors.
  • All the team receiving personalised advice to improve results and coaching on how to overcome behaviour barriers to change.

The behaviour patterns are a significant part of the programme where individuals may be used to eating certain items at different times or sitting for long periods without moving, all things that can contribute to a less healthy outcome. After the first session the response from the team was incredible with a satisfaction score of 9/10 on the body composition testing and 9.5/10 for the Nutrition workshop. Here is what the team said; “Excellent explanation about the basics of food and how it affects your body.” “Really good insight into nutrition and how to balance the meals and more so the composition of meals.” “Very insightful and educational. Has made me more aware of the amount of sugar I’m consuming.” “It was good to hear/talk about the main things we need to think about when we talk healthy eating and wellbeing.”     As a business we see the benefit of a team that is fit and healthy, being able to concentrate for longer periods, being more productive and enjoying their work better. But, in these challenging times it is even more important for us a business to care for its team and ensure they are as fit and healthy as possible and if we can help by providing this support then we are achieving one of our goals, to put people first. If you would like to find out more about the Super Wellbeing programme contact us.

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