SuperWellness delivers results for our team

Super Wellness

Since the end of last year and throughout the lockdown we have been working with SuperWellness to help our team achieve a healthier and more rounded approach to life. The programme has worked with the team to encourage them to change what they do on a daily basis and to look at what they eat. The programme was not designed to lose weight, although some of the team have done, but to work towards being healthier overall.

The programme was based around a series of challenges, designed to encourage everyone to meet their own objectives, but also included a few prizes for specific challenges to add a little fun to the programme.

This month’s challenges and the winners were;

  • Prize 1 – Food detective:
    • Poonam Madani for highlighting the high sugar content in a carton of pure apple juice and the highly processed pot noodles.
  • Prize 2 – Lockdown recipe:
    • (1) Jigna Shah with her homemade granola recipe loaded with omega 3 and zinc from the seeds, immune boosting oats and cinnamon as an alternative to give sweetness.
    • (2) Bhavni Shah with cranberry and dark choc overnight oats, great as a dessert, snack or a breakfast.
  • Prize 3 – Immune boosting remedy:
    • Tracey Skinner for recommending ‘granny’s chicken soup’ made from broth, packed with immune boosting nutrients including collagen which is a great way to support gut health.

Not the traditional awards you would see in a competition, but far tastier and thank you to everyone for your ideas.

If you would like these recipes, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Throughout the programme we have been monitoring the metabolic rate of the team and as soon as we can we will be taking a final measurement to see what changes have been achieved.

The most impressive results have been with the mindset of the team and helping them through a tough six months, but the team have been very impressed with the results

“SuperWellness came in and filled all my knowledge gaps about the different food groups, what a balanced diet looked like and how bad food choices can affect my energy level, mood and overall health.

I have also developed a daily walking routine with the goal of achieving 10,000 steps and I’ve started to feel the difference. My energy level is very good, my focus is better, and have no brain fogs after meals. Thank you SuperWellness for all the support and the super fun sessions. You helped me a lot!”

We believe this type of programme shows what can be done to support staff, even in challenging times and the positive impact it can have. We are now looking at what the next challenge is for us so what this space.

For mor information on how we support our staff and the SuperWellness programme contact us.

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