The smallest things make such a difference.

Mattys Story

It is not always the big gestures that make a difference. During the Lockdown we have all been inspired by people such as “Captain Tom” doing their bit for other people, but there are a lot of people in our community who are giving just as much by doing the smallest things and we wanted to share one such story with you. As a business we are working with brainstrust, a charity that supports people with brain tumours and their families through what is a very scary time. Just because Covid-19 has hit us, the need for this support hasn’t stopped, far from it, it is now more important than ever. Many of the families being supported by brainstrust have been hit hard by the lockdown, but here is a great story of how one small gesture has made a massive difference for one boy and his family. Matty is 15, and he’s been through more than most go through in a lifetime. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour in December 2016, following which he had a major operation to remove as much as they could, as well as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He was in remission for a while and then he relapsed in December 2018. He had been in remission since the summer but unfortunately earlier this month, his family got the heart-breaking news that Matty now has two further tumours, and chemotherapy has resumed. Lockdown has understandably been incredibly difficult for Matty. But when he came down one morning to find a letter from his lovely Aunty, his mood was transformed. So now, she’s on a mission to get Matty as many letters as possible. Matty has received video messages, letters and parcels – some from famous people, and from all over the world! We sent Matty a parcel, a brain box and a letter from the brainstrust team, but we won’t stop there! We know our amazing community will want to show Matty that he is a special boy in everybody’s thoughts and send a letter of their own. If you’d like to send Matty a letter, please address them to: Matty brainstrust C19 Joseph’s Well Hanover Lane Leeds LS3 1AB And we will surprise him with a parcel full of letters! In the meantime please follow his journey and show some love on the family’s Facebook page: As a business we can help the charity and hopefully some of the families who it works with, but as individuals we can help in very different ways. If we can get event a couple of people to write letters to Matty to brighten up his day then we have made a difference. If you want to find out more about our work with brainstrust contact us.

020 8863 4566