They went, they saw, they conquered. Owen and Charlie have completed their ride.

The peloton sped up the Champs-Elysees, heart rates were increasing, the nerves were jangling and the focus was on the finish line. This could have been the finish to the Tour de France, but in reality, it was the finish to the recent challenge that Owen and Charlie Hughes took on to raise money for Lindengate Mental Health Charity.

Following months of training in cold wet weather, not to mention hours of work raising money for the challenge, it is now done.

Unlike the Tour de France, the challenge finished under the Arc de Triomphe in spectacular surroundings, with other cyclists, all raising money for various charities close to their hearts.  With a well-earned cold beer, Owen and Charlie reflected on what they had achieved.

“From the start in a quiet London at 6.30 on 8th June, through the Garden of England in Kent, the World War 1 battle fields in France and the approach and ride through Paris, the whole challenge has been incredible. It was not without the downsides, the inevitable saddle sores, very tired legs coping with the changing weather but the end result far outweighs the pain.”

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