Wellbeing at Work

There is a lot of information being published around the wellbeing of employees in these changed circumstances, a lot of it focused on the mental health aspects of working in isolation from home.

As part of our own staff wellbeing programme we are constantly looking at information and articles that might help and we want to share these with our clients and partners.

The attached article is a very interesting read and supports the belief that mental health support is becoming a key factor in people’s decision on what jobs to apply for. This article was written before the current crisis and clearly shows that mental health support in the workplace is a factor that is becoming more important.

In the current circumstances, the support we, as businesses, can provide our staff is different but still just as important, if not more so. Some people will find the adjustment to working from home easier. Others will find the isolation hard and this will then in turn put more strain on their mental health.

As a business we had already implemented a Wellbeing programme for our staff which included, health, fitness, diet and mental health. This programme had already begun having an impact so when the lockdown came into force, we worked with SuperWellness to adapt our programme so all our team could continue to participate in the programme. By having this focus, the team had something to work towards and work on as a team through the duration of the crisis.

Click here for the full article, we hope you find it useful.

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