Your North Stars – MIND in Harrow’s tips to get through the festive season

MIND in Harrow

For many of us, this year brought feelings of uncertainty and· worry. We might be feeling a little lost, a little unmoored. Explorers depended on the North Star when there were no other landmarks in sight. It is a dependable constant in a sky that is always in motion. It isn’t an impressive star, but if you found it, you would instantly know all four directions around you. As humans, we are lucky enough to have more than one North Star in our lives. If we take a moment to reflect on all the people or things in our lives that provide a constant for us and help us find direction when we need it, we are likely to find quite a few north stars. Therefore, as we are getting ready to celebrate a festive season unlike any we have seen before, take a moment to reflect, celebrate and be grateful for all your north stars. For me help contact MIND in Harrow For more information on our community support please contact us

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