Landed, safe and sound, who’s up next?

We are actually in the plane!

Door just opened!

Is it too late to back out?

Oh I’m next…

These were some of the thoughts going through the minds of Michael and Usman before jumping out of the plane.

After 7 hours of waiting and countless weather updates, they were more afraid of having to return another day than the actual jump. Looked at the sky more times in one day than in their whole lives, hoping for the clouds to clear up. They even tried blowing them away too but that didn’t work ☁

“Hearing the flights resume and our names being called for the next flight was more comforting than frightening. The plane took off and we were at the jump altitude in no time. Stepping out of the plane is the most scary part and the instructors made sure not to prolong it and jumped straightaway, not giving us the chance to grab the bar for dear life!

First you feel like falling, then you are flying and it’s the most blissful experience – The point of maximum danger is actually the point of minimum fear (borrowed from Will Smith )”

These were the thoughts of the two brave adventurers, but there is still one more to go to complete this leg of the Charterhouse Challenge, Raj. Fingers crossed he will be able to do his jump in the next couple of weeks.

For all those who have had enough of life, go for the 15,000 ft skydive for the longer freefall, it is the best part of the dive.

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